About Us

About Us

In the fall of 2013, our dream of a full-service architectural visualization company became a reality. Our number one goal is to provide you, our client, with designs that meet your individual needs. We take great pride in our work and strive to provide you the best visual final product and design.

iDeal Renderings will evolve your architectural drawing into a visual showcase. Our experience, combined with our education and knowledge, allows us to deliver to you an accurate representation. This leads to the successful finished product delivery.

We specialize in architectural drafting, realistic renderings, and conceptual designs for a multitude of project types. Additionally, we offer BIM (Building Information Modeling) management services and training for Architects, Engineers, and Contractors throughout all phases of the project.

We continue to further our experiences and education to keep abreast of the latest in architectural technology and methods.

Our Team

Adam Richardson

Owner/Partner, Rendering Artist & Associate Architect

With over ten years of experience in architecture, and over 15 years in construction, Adam has a diverse background in both designing and building. His love of architecture and design began when he was very young. If he wasn’t drawing his latest creation with his freshly sharpened colored pencils, he was intently building them with his Legos. This deep interest carried over into high school when he took his first classes in architecture and design. Continuing on to college, he never wavered from his first love. Adam has done extensive traveling throughout the world, studying different architectural styles. This has provided him with a unique view. It has enhanced not only his knowledge, but has helped him develop his own style. And now he continues his dream, utilizing his experience and knowledge to provide clients with the perfect architectural visualization of their projects.

Travis Monroe

Owner/Partner, Rendering Artist, BIM Manager, Project Manager & Associate Architect

Travis is a very passionate person in the realm of life, architecture, architectural technology, as well as real estate development. His experience and knowledge within these areas lends positive contributions to any project at hand. Travis has over 7 years of experience within the architectural field where he practiced all phases of architecture, master planning, as well as BIM management.
Additionally, he has 2 years of experience in the construction and real estate development industry where he continues to grow. Currently Travis is attaining his real estate license to further his experience and knowledge within these areas. With these experiences and the knowledge gained, he applies to every project in some capacity and form to ultimately deliver a successful well-rounded project.


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Our Values

At iDeal Renderings and Designs, our core values are simple and carried out within our practice and reflected in every project that we work on. Every client that chooses to work with us will know that we are committed to excellence in design and to providing them with the knowledge and experience best suited for the project. This commitment results in better projects and relationships built on trust and respect.

These principles are outlined in our firm’s Core Values:


Communication is one of the most important ways to perform effectively for our client’s needs. Constant communication is necessary to update the client throughout the project and stay on task with their needs.


We understand that in order to have a successful project that all parties involved have to collaborate and work efficiently and effectively in order to develop a project plan and timely schedule in order to achieve the project goals that are identified.


The relationship between our company and our clients is extremely important. By listening to your needs and ideas, we will work together to create the best final product.


Every project needs a creative approach to stand out from the traditional or standard and be unique. A creative design and approach not only sells a project, but will drive the overall design and goals from start to finish.


We believe that strong leadership goals with business and with projects are essential in organizing and assembling teams to develop and effectively complete unique projects on time and within budget.

Learning and Adapting

We understand that we are not experts at every project that comes our way. However, we are eager to take new projects and grasp and learn all that is needed to deliver a successful end product.


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iDeal Renderings and Designs is a well-established architectural design and rendering company that provides design services and renderings for any project type. iDeal specializes in conceptual architectural design, ranging from custom homes to university and city master planning. Our services vary from design to realistic imagery.

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